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Jinlihua Electric Co., Ltd. (300069-SZ) Stock Split, History Data

Working capital analysis

In terms of working capital, Jinlihua Electric Co., Ltd. maintains a healthy position. The total current assets of the company are valued at $153995330.490. This represents a growth rate of 153995330.490% compared to the previous year. Breaking down the current assets, the cash and investments are worth $35751634.65, exhibiting a growth rate of 35751634.65% year-on-year. The receivables, another significant portion of the current assets, are valued at $85584176.00000001. The year-on-year growth rate for receivables is 85584176.00000001%. The inventory, which forms a critical part of the assets, is valued at $34215339.98. This represents a healthy year-on-year growth of 34215339.98% On the liabilities side, the company's current liabilities total $116947649.28. This reflects a growth rate of 116947649.28% over the previous year, indicating the company's financial obligations are well under control.

Cash and investments115.0896.3081.45103.3654.15151.60
Total Current Assets239.44263.60282.33310.26281.64554.93
Acc Payable33.4064.9384.4465.0574.40115.38
Short Term Debt71.66116.00114.00119.00122.00201.89
Other Current Liab17.5919.2918.2522.1230.4944.29
Current Liabilities122.66200.22216.70206.16226.89361.56

Capital Structure

When examining the capital structure of Jinlihua Electric Co., Ltd., it is clear that the company manages a robust portfolio. The value of their total assets clocks in at $241212050.34. When juxtaposed with the previous year, this marks a growth rate of 241212050.34%, showcasing the company's ability to steadily grow its asset base. Turning to liabilities, the company has total liabilities amounting to $147898232.61. Compared to the prior year, this reflects a growth rate of 147898232.61%. The long-term debt forms a sizable part of these liabilities, coming in at $30000000. Over the last year, the long-term debt has grown by 30000000%. On the asset side, the cash and equivalent reserves are worth $35751634.65. The year-on-year growth of these reserves is 35751634.65%. The company's common stock, another important asset, holds a value of $45000000, growing at a rate of 45000000% from the previous year. Finally, the company's retained earnings stand at $38311803.12, marking a growth rate of 38311803.12% year-over-year. These earnings represent the profits that Jinlihua Electric Co., Ltd. has chosen to reinvest in the business rather than distribute as dividends.

Total Assets


Total liabilities


Long term debt


Cash and eqv




Retained earnings


Common stock


Enterprise Value


Historical dividend key summary

Jinlihua Electric Co., Ltd.'s dividend per share is $0, showing the earnings shared with shareholders per share. It has grown by 0% this year, suggesting that the company is generating increased income for shareholders and expecting future earnings growth.


Net earnings per share (EPS)

Jinlihua Electric Co., Ltd. has an EPS of $, which signifies the profit allocated per share of common stock. With a growth rate of % this year, it indicates the company's increasing profitability and potential for share value growth. This trend signals robust financial performance and future potential.


Jinlihua Electric Co., Ltd. (300069.SZ) stock split history

Understanding the historical stock splits of Jinlihua Electric Co., Ltd. (300069.SZ) provides insights into its past financial decisions and investor sentiment. A stock split occurs when a company increases its share count by dividing its existing shares. The most recent split took place on July 05, 2013 with a ratio of 1.5:1. Throughout its history, the company has undergone 2 stock splits. Below, we delve deeper into this history, highlighting past financial strategies.

DateSplit Ratio
05 July 20131.5:1
16 June 201113:10

Frequently Asked Question

What is the latest historical split date of the company?

The latest historical split date is N/A.

What is firm free cah flow per share (FCF per share)?

The free cah flow per share (FCF per share) is -0.104.

What is company revenue per share?

The company revenue per share is -0.436.

What are firm earnings per share?

The firm earnings per share is 0.929.

What is Jinlihua Electric Co., Ltd. (300069.SZ) ROIC (return on capital)?

Jinlihua Electric Co., Ltd. (300069.SZ) ROIC (return on capital) is -0.173.

What is dividend per share figure?

The dividend per share is 0.000

What is enterprise plowback ratio?

Jinlihua Electric Co., Ltd. (300069.SZ) plowback ratio is N/A

What is firm enterprise value (EV)?

The enterprise value (EV) is -76.785

What is company debt to equity ratio?

The debt to equity ratio is 0.298

What are debt ratio numbers?

The debt ratio is 0.189

What is company price to sales ratio?

The price to sales ratio is 16.102