BurgerFi International, LLC

Symbol: BFIIW




Market price today

  • -0.5997

    P/E Ratio

  • 0.0000

    PEG Ratio

  • 2.99M

    MRK Cap

  • 0.00%

    DIV Yield

BurgerFi International, LLC (BFIIW) Stock Price & Analysis

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Gross Profit Margin


Operating Profit Margin


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Return on Assets


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Return on Capital Employed


General Outlook

In simple terms, BurgerFi International, LLC has 24.891 M shares that people are buying and selling right now. When we look at how much money they make before expenses, they keep 0.279% as profit. This shows they're good at controlling costs and are financially stable. Their operating profit, which is money made from regular business activities, is -0.084%. This means they run their business efficiently. Lastly, after paying all their bills, they still have a profit of -0.271%. This tells us they're good at keeping money after all costs.

Return on Investments

The company's asset efficiency, represented by a robust -0.179% return, is a testament to BurgerFi International, LLC's adeptness in optimizing resource deployment. BurgerFi International, LLC's utilization of its assets to generate profits is strikingly evident through a noteworthy return on equity of -0.583%. Furthermore, the proficiency of BurgerFi International, LLC in capital utilization is underscored by a remarkable -0.064% return on capital employed.

Stock Prices

BurgerFi International, LLC's stock prices have been subject to undulating patterns. The peak stock value during this interval surged to $0.155, while its low point bottomed out at $0.145. This variance in figures offers investors a lucid insight into the roller-coaster ride that is BurgerFi International, LLC's stock market.

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Frequently Asked Question

How many company shares are outstanding in 2023?

There are stock number shares outstanding of BurgerFi International, LLC (BFIIW) on the NASDAQ in 2023.

What is P/E ratio of enterprise in 2023?

The current P/E ratio of enterprise is -0.600 in 2023.

What is the ticker symbol of BurgerFi International, LLC stock?

The ticker symbol of BurgerFi International, LLC stock is BFIIW.

What is company IPO date?

IPO date of BurgerFi International, LLC is N/A.

What is company current share price?

Current share price is 0.120 USD.

What is stock market cap today?

The market cap of stock today is 2986974.000.

What is PEG ratio in 2023?

The current 0.000 is 0.000 in 2023.

What is the number of employees in 2023?

In 2023 the company has 0.