SG Global Co.,Ltd.

Symbol: 001380.KS





  • 1782.9183

    P/E ratio

  • -1.4498

    PEG ratio

  • 63.85B

    Mrk Cap

  • 0.00%

    Div Yield

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Информация за компанията

Последващ PE: Consumer Cyclical
Индустрия: Auto Parts
Служители на пълно работно време:126
Адрес:75, Changmal-ro

SG Global Co.,Ltd. engages in spinning and car seat cover businesses in South Korea, Vietnam, and internationally. The company offers spun and blended yarns. Its products include Lenzing Modal Edelweiss used in underwear, bath towels, housedress, socks, etc.; Tencel for use in inner and outer wear for women, bed sheets/covers, denim textiles, children's wear, shirts, sportswear, etc.; and ProViscose used in airy summer clothes, as well as in textile for suits. The company's products also comprise specialized yarns, including high twist yarns principally used in ramie clothes and summer sweaters; SLUB yarn used in manufacturing casual wear, jackets, and pants; SMATRICH; and natural fiber blended yarns, such as flax and ramie/cotton, as well as wool/cotton and silk/cotton used in the production of various products comprising neckties, scarfs, jackets, and shirts. In addition, it develops, produces, and sells car seat covers. The company was formerly known as SG Choongbang Co.,Ltd and changed its name to SG Global Co.,Ltd. in March 2021. SG Global Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1954 and is headquartered in Yesan-Eup, South Korea.

Оборотен капитал

Парични средства и инвестиции15953.779095.6816739.5711981.5910372.446633.91
Инвентарна книга10251.589814.3311283.5316248.1320497.6122711.57
Общо текущи активи35078.8229001.0848011.5748737.3552513.6948199.91
Acc Payable7813.743468.1010041.1112833.2112254.9013319.56
Краткосрочен дълг31783.527053.7522900.7036380.3830356.6639185.44
Други текущи пасиви3625.492592.673796.948266.563445.903318.65
Текущи пасиви43222.7613114.5136738.7457480.1446096.2056600.70

Капиталова структура

Всички числа в милиони

Общо активи

178890,13 щ.д.

Общо задължения

24553053000,00 щ.д.

Дългосрочен дълг

9236,79 щ.д.

Парични средства и екви

15892626000,00 щ.д.


0,00 щ.д.

Неразпределена печалба

16586508000,00 щ.д.

Обикновени акции

22482,07 щ.д.

Стойност на предприятието

6,27 щ.д.

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