Other Industrial Metals & Mining

Company name
1Nala Digital Commerce Ltd
2Entrée Resources Ltd.
3Geomega Resources Inc.
4Loyal Lithium Limited
5South32 Limited
6Patriot Battery Metals Inc.
7Technology Minerals Plc
8CleanTech Lithium Plc
9Emerita Resources Corp.
10Valorem Resources Inc.
11AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V.
12Golcap Resources Corp.
13Cornish Metals Inc.
14BCI Minerals Limited
15Tocvan Ventures Corp.
16Aldebaran Resources Inc.
17ALCONIX Corporation
18Noranda Income Fund
19Recharge Resources Ltd.
20Max Power Mining Corp.
21Vertical Exploration Inc.
22PT United Tractors Tbk
23Meteoric Resources NL
24EMX Royalty Corporation
25Getty Copper Inc.
26Nova Minerals Limited
27Landore Resources Limited
28Alerio Gold Corp.
29First Lithium Minerals Corp.
30Greenland Resources Inc.
31Freegold Ventures Limited
32Commerce Resources Corp.
33Apex Resources Inc.
34Mason Graphite Inc.
35Copper Lake Resources Ltd.
36Elementos Limited
37PolyMet Mining Corp.
38Tartisan Nickel Corp.
39Green Critical Minerals Limited
40Vital Battery Metals Inc.
41Lake Resources NL
42Grounded Lithium Corp.
43Castile Resources Limited
44E3 Lithium Limited
45Pacific Wildcat Resources Corp.
46Triumph Gold Corp.
47Prismo Metals Inc.
48Guangdong Xianglu Tungsten Co., Ltd.
49Northern Graphite Corporation
50Strategic Metals Ltd.
51Galileo Mining Ltd
52Neometals Ltd
53Peak Minerals Ltd.
54South Manganese Investment Limited
55Stria Lithium Inc.
56Tungsten West PLC
57Vantex Resources Ltd.
58Glen Eagle Resources Inc.
59Lara Exploration Ltd.
60Nickel 28 Capital Corp.
61KGL Resources Limited
62Great Western Minerals Group Ltd.
63Energem Resources Inc.
64Global Atomic Corporation
65BHP Group Limited
66Coda Minerals Limited
67Commander Resources Ltd.
68Surge Battery Metals Inc.
69Titan Mining Corporation
70US Critical Metals Corp.
71West Mining Corp.
72Lee Kee Holdings Limited
73European Lithium Limited
74Boliden AB (publ)
75Mitsubishi Materials Corporation
76Juno Minerals Limited
77FPX Nickel Corp.
78Cobalt Blue Holdings Limited
79Prospect Ridge Resources Corp.
80Excelsior Mining Corp.
81Nova Royalty Corp.
82Ora Gold Limited
83Materion Corporation
84Vendetta Mining Corp.
85Ion Energy Ltd.
86Battery Minerals Limited
87GEO JS Tech Group Corp.
88Astro Resources NL
89Goldstar Minerals Inc.
90StrikePoint Gold Inc.
91Amur Minerals Corporation
92Ameriwest Lithium Inc.
93Electra Stone Ltd.
94Strategic Resources International, Inc.
95Nickel Creek Platinum Corp.
96Altaley Mining Corporation
97Capital Metals plc
98Shanghai Topcare Medical Services Co., Ltd.
99Largo Inc.
100Altamin Limited
101Northern Graphite Corporation
102Arizona Metals Corp.
103Granite Creek Copper Ltd.
104Ardiden Limited
105Metal Hawk Limited
106Trigg Minerals Limited
107Vital Metals Limited
108Manning Ventures Inc.
109Go Metals Corp.
110Northern Minerals Limited
111Lachlan Star Limited
112Decade Resources Ltd.
113Paycore Minerals Inc.
114Anglesey Mining plc
115Red Tiger Mining Inc.
116Goldhills Holding Ltd.
117Ceylon Graphite Corp.
118Valterra Resource Corporation
119Americas Gold and Silver Corporation
120Stonebridge Resources Explorations Ltd.
121Atacama Resources International, Inc.
122Alba Mineral Resources plc
123Lomiko Metals Inc.
124Afarak Group Oyj
125New Age Metals Inc.
126Texas Mineral Resources Corp.
127Metals Australia Ltd
128Gladiator Metals Corp.
129Graphex Group Limited
130Flinders Mines Limited
131Boliden AB (publ)
132East Africa Metals Inc.
133Recharge Resources Ltd.
134Foraco International SA
135FPX Nickel Corp.
136Murchison Minerals Ltd.
137Apollo Minerals Limited
138Nimy Resources Limited
139Altaley Mining Corporation
140Grizzly Discoveries Inc.
141Vale S.A.
142Magnetic Resources NL
143Sichuan Hongda Co.,Ltd
144Greenwing Resources Ltd
145Nubian Resources Ltd.
146Ditem Explorations Inc.
147Fortune Minerals Limited
148Reflex Advanced Materials Corp.
149InZinc Mining Ltd.
150Sierra Rutile Holdings Limited
151Zincore Metals Inc.
152Meryllion Resources Corp.
153GuoCheng Mining CO.,LTD
154ACME Lithium Inc.
155Thomson Resources Ltd
156Northern Lights Resources Corp.
157AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V.
158Resource Mining Corporation Limited
159O3 Mining Inc.
160Aurwest Resources Corporation
161Alderan Resources Limited
162Aston Minerals Limited
163Young Poong Corporation
164TVI Pacific Inc.
165Strike Resources Limited
166Etruscus Resources Corp.
167Peel Mining Limited
168Nouveau Monde Graphite Inc.
169New Times Energy Corporation Limited
170Furukawa Co.,Ltd.
171Ascendant Resources Inc.
172Helium One Global Ltd
173Metals X Limited
174Compañía Minera Autlán, S.A.B. de C.V.
175Taranis Resources Inc.
176Minsud Resources Corp.
177Belmont Resources Inc.
178Comet Industries Ltd.
179IGO Limited
180Fjordland Exploration Inc.
181Reflex Advanced Materials Corp.
182Marvel Discovery Corp.
183Fireweed Metals Corp.
184Wallbridge Mining Company Limited
185Xiamen Tungsten Co., Ltd.
186Defense Metals Corp.
187Metallica Metals Corp.
188Nuinsco Resources Limited
189Pelangio Exploration Inc.
190Mantle Minerals Limited
191Arcadia Minerals Limited
192Morella Corporation Limited
193Base Resources Limited
194The Orissa Minerals Development Company Limited
195CMX Gold & Silver Corp.
196Sarissa Resources Inc.
197Multi-Metal Development Ltd.
198Talent Infinity Resource Developments Inc.
199GR Silver Mining Ltd.
200Pan American Energy Corp.
201Kaili Resources Limited
202Leading Edge Materials Corp.
203Xantippe Resources Limited
204Technology Metals Australia Limited
205Muzhu Mining Ltd.
206Rugby Resources Ltd.
207Kavango Resources Plc
208PT United Tractors Tbk
209Fuse Cobalt Inc.
210Burley Minerals Ltd
211RareX Limited
212Golden Mile Resources Limited
213Quartz Mountain Resources Ltd.
214O3 Mining Inc.
215Durango Resources Inc.
216Copper Lake Resources Ltd.
217Stuhini Exploration Ltd.
218Callinex Mines Inc.
219Rio Tinto Group
220Panoro Minerals Ltd.
221Frontier Energy Limited
222Ridgestone Mining Inc.
223Spruce Ridge Resources Ltd.
224Québec Nickel Corp.
225CAT Strategic Metals Corporation
226Sama Resources Inc.
227South Star Battery Metals Corp.
228MGX Minerals Inc.
229Callinex Mines Inc.
230CopAur Minerals Inc.
231Troubadour Resources Inc.
232Bitterroot Resources Ltd.
233Vision Lithium Inc.
234Eastern Resources Limited
235Thor Mining PLC
236PT Aneka Tambang Tbk
237Metallis Resources Inc.
238Summit Minerals Limited
239West High Yield (W.H.Y.) Resources Ltd.
240Panex Resources Inc.
241Metallica Metals Corp.
242Pasinex Resources Limited
243SolGold Plc
244CuFe Ltd
245Jourdan Resources Inc.
246Galore Resources Inc.
247Noble Metal Group Incorporated
248Lepidico Limited
249Sierra Grande Minerals Inc.
250StrategX Elements Corp.
251Narryer Metals Limited
252Magna Terra Minerals Inc.
253Cerro de Pasco Resources Inc.
254Australian Vanadium Limited
255Estrella Resources Limited
256Metaline Contact Mines
257Medaro Mining Corp.
258Adriatic Metals PLC
259Great Western Mining Corporation PLC
260The Graystone Company, Inc.
261Carawine Resources Limited
262Rainbow Rare Earths Limited
263Morella Corporation Limited
264Carmanah Minerals Corp.
265Eco Oro Minerals Corp.
266Level 14 Ventures Ltd.
267Evion Group NL
268Thunderstruck Resources Ltd.
269Graphite One Inc.
270Fokus Mining Corporation
271Red Metal Resources Ltd.
272Mistango River Resources Inc.
273Energold Drilling Corp.
274Prom Resources, Inc.
275Kraken Energy Corp.
276SolGold Plc
277First Energy Metals Limited
278Magnum Mining and Exploration Limited
279Stavely Minerals Limited
280Warriedar Resources Limited
281Golden Tag Resources Ltd.
282Ferro-Alloy Resources Limited
283Talisker Resources Ltd.
284Cascadero Copper Corporation
285Vanadiumcorp Resource Inc.
286Bessor Minerals Inc.
287Metallum Resources Inc.
288Venus Metals Corporation Limited
289Eros Resources Corp.
290Grid Metals Corp.
291MLG Oz Limited
292Silver Valley Metals Corp.
293White Rock Minerals Ltd
294Slave Lake Zinc Corp.
295Luminex Resources Corp.
296Vedanta Limited
297Shenghe Resources Holding Co., Ltd
298Boliden AB (publ)
299Widgie Nickel Limited
300Enertopia Corp.
301Dowa Holdings Co., Ltd.
302Pan American Energy Corp.
303Zacapa Resources Ltd.
304Zenith Minerals Limited
305Europa Metals Limited
306Diamond Holdings, Inc.
307Globex Mining Enterprises Inc.
308Canyon Resources Limited
309St George Mining Limited
310CDN Maverick Capital Corp.
311Critical Elements Lithium Corporation
312Waraba Gold Limited
313Centaurus Metals Limited
314Colossus Minerals Inc.
315First Uranium Resources Ltd.
316Encounter Resources Limited
317Giga Metals Corporation
318European Metals Holdings Limited
319Phoenix Copper Limited
320ZincX Resources Corp.
321Amur Minerals Corporation
322Aston Minerals Limited
323Orestone Mining Corp.
324Artemis Resources Limited
325Silver Elephant Mining Corp.
326Esrey Resources Ltd.
327Atico Mining Corporation
328China Graphite Group Limited
329Glencore plc
330Ucore Rare Metals Inc.
331Philex Mining Corporation
332Tivan Limited
333Tamerlane Ventures Inc.
334Pedro Resources Ltd.
335NGEx Minerals Ltd.
336Bradda Head Lithium Limited
337PT Sumber Energi Andalan Tbk
338St-Georges Eco-Mining Corp.
339Jubilee Metals Group PLC
340Belmont Resources Inc.
341Wolfden Resources Corporation
342NickelX Limited
343TNR Gold Corp.
344Goldrea Resources Corp.
345Class 1 Nickel and Technologies Limited
346Blue Moon Metals Inc.
347TG Metals Limited
348OSAKA Titanium technologies Co.,Ltd.
349Aguia Resources Limited
350Renascor Resources Limited
351Elcora Advanced Materials Corp.
352Prime Mining Corp.
353Aurelia Metals Limited
354Constellation Resources Limited
355Bushveld Minerals Limited
356Allied Copper Corp.
357Optimum Ventures Ltd.
358ZEB Nickel Corp.
359Macarthur Minerals Limited
360Battery Mineral Resources Corp.
361Metals Creek Resources Corp.
362Major Precious Metals Corp.
363Tactical Resources Corp.
364Deterra Royalties Limited
365Enegex Limited
366Clear Sky Lithium Corp.
367Golcap Resources Corp.
368Cross River Ventures Corp.
369NickelSearch Limited
370Gossan Resources Limited
371Woomera Mining Limited
372Eskay Mining Corp.
373Thunder Gold Corp.
374SPC Nickel Corp.
375Lion Copper and Gold Corp.
376Altair International Corp.
377Bathurst Metals Corp.
378Elementos Limited
379Eminent Gold Corp.
380Stellar Resources Limited
381Jaeger Resources Corp.
382DGR Global Limited
383Yunnan Lincang Xinyuan Germanium Industry Co.,LTD
384Metallica Minerals Limited
385Excelsior Mining Corp.
386Hemlo Explorers Inc.
387Kenorland Minerals Ltd.
388Quantum Battery Metals Corp.
389Etruscus Resources Corp.
390S2 Resources Ltd
391Transatlantic Mining Corp.
392VRX Silica Limited
393South32 Limited
394Skyharbour Resources Ltd.
395Green Battery Minerals Inc.
396Bryah Resources Limited
397Red Rock Resources plc
398Vatic Ventures Corp.
399Bubalus Resources Limited
400Evergold Corp.
401CITIC Resources Holdings Limited
402Vertical Exploration Inc.
403Nevada King Gold Corp.
404CMX Gold & Silver Corp.
405M3 Metals Corp.
406York Harbour Metals Inc.
407Benz Mining Corp.
408Great Quest Fertilizer Ltd.
409Orex Minerals Inc.
410SI6 Metals Limited
411Carlyle Commodities Corp.
412Richmond Vanadium Technology Limited
413MOIL Limited
414Silver X Mining Corp.
415Luminex Resources Corp.
416New Energy Metals Corp.
417Dart Mining NL
418Standard Lithium Ltd.
419Solitario Zinc Corp.
420District Copper Corp.
421Goldrea Resources Corp.
422Aurum Resources Limited
423Torq Resources Inc.
424West Mining Corp.
425Latin Resources Limited
426Latrobe Magnesium Limited
427Tantalex Lithium Resources Corp.
428CTGX Mining, Inc.
429Harfang Exploration Inc.
430Spearmint Resources Inc.
431Gold Hunter Resources Inc.
432Cobre Limited
433Sulliden Mining Capital Inc.
434Victory Resources Corporation
435Rush Uranium Corp
436Premier African Minerals Limited
437Imagine Lithium Inc.
438Norra Metals Corp.
439Toho Titanium Co., Ltd.
440Melkior Resources Inc.
441Gratomic Inc.
442Argosy Minerals Limited
443Metalo Manufacturing Inc.
444Chalice Mining Limited
445Kalium Lakes Limited
446Lynas Rare Earths Limited
447Group Eleven Resources Corp.
448Mineral Resources Limited
449Medallion Resources Ltd.
450General Copper Gold Corp.
451CITIC Resources Holdings Limited
452Lotus Resources Limited
453KWG Resources Inc.
454Aston Bay Holdings Ltd.
455Lykos Metals Limited
456Horizonte Minerals Plc
457Patriot Battery Metals Inc.
458Ecora Resources PLC
459Kutcho Copper Corp.
460District Metals Corp.
461Element 25 Limited
462Jervois Global Limited
463Horizonte Minerals Plc
464Marmota Limited
465Carson River Ventures Corp.
466RecycLiCo Battery Materials Inc.
467Sunstone Metals Limited
468MRG Metals Ltd
469Skyharbour Resources Ltd.
470Pegasus Resources Inc.
471Odin Metals Limited
472Tower Resources Ltd.
473Triumph Gold Corp.
474Pure Energy Minerals Limited
475Zacapa Resources Ltd.
476Changming Industrial Management Group Holding
477Cordoba Minerals Corp.
478Core Assets Corp.
479Lanthanein Resources Limited
480PT PAM Mineral Tbk
481Camino Minerals Corporation
482Iluka Resources Limited
483Regulus Resources Inc.
484Cornish Metals Inc.
485Oceanic Iron Ore Corp.
486Essex Minerals Inc.
487Global Energy Metals Corporation
488Eskay Mining Corp.
489Classic Minerals Limited
490East Africa Metals Inc.
491Fuse Group Holding Inc.
492Black Mammoth Metals Corporation
493Blue Moon Metals Inc.
494Silver Dollar Resources Inc.
495Malaga Inc.
496Metallis Resources Inc.
497Power Minerals Limited
498Macmahon Holdings Limited
499Silver Fields Resources Inc.
500Chatham Rock Phosphate Limited
501Global Energy Metals Corporation
502Jourdan Resources Inc.
503PolarX Limited
504Aftermath Silver Ltd.
505Imagine Lithium Inc.
506SRG Mining Inc.
507Desert Gold Ventures Inc.
508Ross River Minerals Inc.
509ENRG Elements Limited
510Asiamet Resources Limited
511Nilam Resources Inc.
512Snow Lake Resources Ltd.
513Western Magnesium Corporation
514Alara Resources Limited
515TVI Pacific Inc.
516URU Metals Limited
517Latin Resources Limited
518Huntsman Exploration Inc.
519Add New Energy Investment Holdings Group Limited
520Tianqi Lithium Corporation
521Vital Metals Limited
522Thunderstruck Resources Ltd.
523Auscan Resources Inc.
524Starmet Ventures Inc.
525EV Resources Limited
526Nickel Creek Platinum Corp.
527Nickel Rock Resources Inc.
528Straightup Resources Inc.
529Giga Metals Corporation
530Tertiary Minerals plc
531Bluejay Mining plc
532Fireweed Metals Corp.
533Alice Consolidated Mines, Inc.
534SPC Nickel Corp.
535Lithium Energi Exploration Inc.
536Radium Resources Corp.
537Rajdarshan Industries Limited
538Genesis Resources Limited
539Chengtun Mining Group Co., Ltd.
540Namibia Critical Metals Inc.
541Athabasca Minerals Inc.
542Industrias Peñoles, S.A.B. de C.V.
543Global Li-Ion Graphite Corp.
544Corcel Exploration Inc.
545Evergold Corp.
546Grid Metals Corp.
547Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd.
548Newport Gold, Inc.
549Frontier Lithium Inc.
550Big Red Mining Corp.
551Gensource Potash Corporation
552Flying Nickel Mining Corp.
553Lomiko Metals Inc.
554Everest Metals Corporation Ltd
555Bear Creek Mining Corporation
556Lithium Corporation
557Cerro de Pasco Resources Inc.
558New Century Resources Limited
559Li-FT Power Ltd.
561Sierra Rutile Holdings Limited
562Aclara Resources Inc.
563Foran Mining Corporation
564Lion Rock Resources Inc.
565E3 Lithium Limited
566MegaWatt Lithium and Battery Metals Corp.
567Fathom Nickel Inc.
568Savannah Goldfields Limited
569Cross River Ventures Corp.
570Green Shift Commodities Ltd.
571Auteco Minerals Limited
572Cullinan Metals Corp.
573Arbor Metals Corp.
574Murchison Minerals Ltd.
575Toho Titanium Co., Ltd.
576Terrace Ventures Inc.
577Rio Silver Inc.
578Palladium One Mining Inc.
579Investigator Resources Limited
580Worry Free Holdings Company
581Huludao Zinc Industry Co.,Ltd.
582AfriTin Mining Limited
583TDG Gold Corp.
584Temas Resources Corp.
585Global Lithium Resources Limited
586Ligeance Aerospace Technology Co.,Ltd.
587Avenira Limited
588Conico Ltd
589Ashley Gold Corp.
590Nyrstar NV
591Power Metals Corp.
592Yunnan Copper Co., Ltd.
593Leeuwin Metals Ltd
594Ironbark Zinc Limited
595Ironveld Plc
596Sovereign Metals Limited
597Colibri Resource Corporation
598Southern Hemisphere Mining Limited
599Talisker Resources Ltd.
600Volatus Capital Corp.
601Lindian Resources Limited
602Merafe Resources Limited
603NexGen Mining Incorporated
604Newport Exploration Ltd.
605Lithium Ionic Corp.
606Search Minerals Inc.
607Manganese X Energy Corp.
608Liontown Resources Limited
609Rising Nonferrous Metals Share Co.,Ltd.
610AJN Resources Inc.
611Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Co., Ltd
612Silver Dollar Resources Inc.
613Western Resources Corp.
614Prismo Metals Inc.
615Anson Resources Limited
616Geologica Resource Corp.
617Rex Minerals Limited
618Electric Royalties Ltd.
619Regent Ventures Ltd.
620Gullewa Limited
621Mincor Resources NL
622Power Metal Resources plc
623Black Canyon Limited
624Talon Metals Corp.
625BC Moly Ltd.
626Alpha Lithium Corporation
627Highway 50 Gold Corp.
628Power Minerals Limited
629Nyrstar NV
630Aurwest Resources Corporation
631Fox River Resources Corporation
632Lithium Plus Minerals Ltd
633Erin Ventures Inc.
634C29 Metals Limited
635Astron Corporation Limited
636G&S Minerals, Inc.
637C3 Metals Inc.
638Global Atomic Corporation
639Emerita Resources Corp.
640American Lithium Minerals, Inc.
641Orestone Mining Corp.
642Steadright Critical Minerals Inc.
643Argentum Silver Corp.
644Greenwing Resources Ltd
645SolGold Plc
646Rock Edge Resources Ltd.
647IGO Limited
648Sassy Gold Corp.
649Bayhorse Silver Inc.
650Varca Ventures, Inc.
651Todd River Resources Limited
652Develop Global Limited
653Argent Minerals Limited
654Barker Minerals Ltd.
655Imperial Mining Group Ltd.
656Fin Resources Limited
657Piedmont Lithium Inc.
658Tempest Minerals Limited
659Class 1 Nickel and Technologies Limited
660Fury Gold Mines Limited
661Val-d'Or Mining Corporation
662Pershing Resources Company, Inc.
663PT Bumi Resources Minerals Tbk
664CanAlaska Uranium Ltd.
665Jubilee Metals Group PLC
666Iluka Resources Limited
667Premium Nickel Resources Ltd.
668I-Minerals Inc.
669CI Resources Limited
670Alphamin Resources Corp.
671Almonty Industries Inc.
672Encanto Potash Corp.
673Admiralty Resources NL
674Eagle Plains Resources Ltd.
675Avalon Advanced Materials Inc.
676American Lithium Corp.
677Trevali Mining Corporation
678Syrah Resources Limited
679Zeotech Limited
680Barksdale Resources Corp.
681Patriot Lithium Limited
682European Metals Holdings Limited
683Generation Mining Limited
684Sherritt International Corporation
685Benz Mining Corp.
686iTech Minerals Ltd
687Lord Resources Limited
688Aowei Holding Limited
689Alpha Copper Corp.
690Stillwater Critical Minerals Corp.
691Patriot Battery Metals Inc.
692Nickel 28 Capital Corp.
693Vanadian Energy Corp.
694Lithium Energy Limited
695Juggernaut Exploration Ltd.
696Mount Ridley Mines Limited
697Olive Resource Capital Inc.
698United Lithium Corp.
699RTG Mining Inc.
700Infinity Mining Limited
701Hawsons Iron Limited
702China Molybdenum Co., Ltd.
703Geodrill Limited
704Searchlight Minerals Corp.
705CVW CleanTech Inc.
706Portofino Resources Inc.
707Nittetsu Mining Co., Ltd.
708World Class Extractions Inc.
709Arctic Minerals AB (publ)
710PolarX Limited
711Horizon Minerals Corp.
712Lunnon Metals Limited
713Silver Elephant Mining Corp.
714Cadence Minerals Plc
715Cruz Battery Metals Corp.
716Global Diamond Exchange, Inc.
717Lithium Australia Limited
718Vendetta Mining Corp.
719Canasil Resources Inc.
720Kenmare Resources plc
721Chongyi Zhangyuan Tungsten Co., Ltd.
722Sabre Resources Limited
723Hannan Metals Ltd.
724BCM Resources Corporation
725Rainforest Resources Inc.
726Durango Resources Inc.
727New Age Metals Inc.
728Voltage Metals Corp.
729Savannah Resources Plc
730Heartfield Mining Corp.
731One World Lithium Inc.
732Heavy Rare Earths Limited
733Strandline Resources Limited
734Castile Resources Limited
735K9 Gold Corp.
736Firebird Metals Limited
737Azure Minerals Limited
738Helium One Global Ltd
739Granite Creek Copper Ltd.
740BHP Group Limited
741Western Magnesium Corporation
742AsiaBaseMetals Inc.
743Ausmon Resources Limited
744Ivanhoe Mines Ltd.
745Atlas Salt Inc.
746Jupiter Mines Limited
747Standard Lithium Ltd.
748ENRG Elements Limited
749Forum Energy Metals Corp.
750Vulcan Minerals Inc.
751Yari Minerals Limited
752RTG Mining Inc.
753Caspin Resources Limited
754Zinc One Resources Inc.
755Helix Resources Limited
756New Provenance Everlasting Holdings Limited
757Pilbara Minerals Limited
758Barksdale Resources Corp.
759Green Technology Metals Limited
760Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd.
761Churchill Resources Inc.
762Millbank Mining Corp.
763Spey Resources Corp.
764Forsys Metals Corp.
765PJX Resources Inc.
766Aztec Minerals Corp.
767A-Cap Energy Limited
768GreenTech Metals Limited
769Edison Lithium Corp.
770Tibet Mineral Development Co., LTD
771Camino Minerals Corporation
772Essential Metals Limited
773BeMetals Corp.
774Spey Resources Corp.
775Galan Lithium Limited
776International Lithium Corp.
777Rio Tinto Group
778Ion Energy Ltd.
779Horseshoe Metals Limited
780Starr Peak Mining Ltd.
781Grizzly Discoveries Inc.
782Perpetual Resources Limited
783Sky Gold Corp.
784Full Metal Minerals Ltd.
785St. Augustine Gold and Copper Limited
786ZCCM Investments Holdings Plc
787Searchlight Resources Inc.
788Northern Potash Co.
789Pelangio Exploration Inc.
790Boss Energy Limited
791International Lithium Corp.
792Melkior Resources Inc.
793DLP Resources Inc.
794Cosmo Metals Limited
795Teck Resources Limited
796Widgie Nickel Limited
797Alba Mineral Resources plc
798Ecora Resources PLC
799Allkem Limited
800Ningxia Orient Tantalum Industry Co., Ltd.
801Sultan Resources Limited
802Mitchell Services Limited
803Nicola Mining Inc.
804Zhuzhou Smelter Group Co.,Ltd.
805Lithium Americas Corp.
806Volcan Holdings, Inc.
807Alpha Copper Corp.
808Solitario Zinc Corp.
809Venture Minerals Limited
810China Kingstone Mining Holdings Limited
811Sasquatch Resources Corp.
812Sandfire Resources America Inc.
813Group 6 Metals Limited
814Vulcan Energy Resources Limited
815Camrova Resources Inc.
816Savannah Resources Plc
817Green Technology Metals Limited
818Superior Resources Limited
819Frontier Energy Limited
820Miramar Resources Limited
821American Potash Corp.
822Lincoln Minerals Limited
823Aardvark Ventures Inc.
824ioneer Ltd
825NorthWest Copper Corp.
826Midland Exploration Inc.
827Killi Resources Limited
828Eagle Plains Resources Ltd.
829Globe Metals & Mining Limited
830Bond Resources Inc.
831Manning Ventures Inc.
832Magna Mining Inc.
833DeSoto Resources Limited
834NextSource Materials Inc.
835FYI Resources Limited
836Golden Arrow Resources Corporation
837Magna Terra Minerals Inc.
838Fortescue Metals Group Limited
839Bluejay Mining plc
840Tarku Resources Ltd.
841Essential Metals Limited
842Doubleview Gold Corp.
843Benton Resources Inc.
844Alderon Iron Ore Corp.
845American Battery Technology Company
846StrikePoint Gold Inc.
847Enova Mining Limited
848High Tide Resources Corp.
849Pinnacle Minerals Limited
850American Future Fuel Corporation
851Great Western Mining Corporation PLC
852Voyager Metals Inc.
853Portofino Resources Inc.
854PT United Tractors Tbk
855Freeport Resources Inc.
856Rokmaster Resources Corp.
857Progressive Planet Solutions Inc.
858AKORA Resources Limited
859Stelmine Canada Ltd.
860Aston Bay Holdings Ltd.
861Xinjiang Xinxin Mining Industry Co., Ltd.
862Lefroy Exploration Limited
863Cloudbreak Discovery Plc
864Western Mining Co.,Ltd.
865DMC Mining Limited
866Cooper Metals Limited
867Waraba Gold Limited
868Power Metals Corp.
869Laramide Resources Ltd.
870Noram Lithium Corp.
871Salazar Resources Limited
872Base Resources Limited
873Quantum Graphite Limited
874Troilus Gold Corp.
875Teck Resources Limited
876Rainbow Rare Earths Limited
877Tempus Resources Limited
878NSJ Gold Corp.
879IRC Limited
880Toho Zinc Co., Ltd.
881Val-d'Or Mining Corporation
882China Zhong Qi Holdings Limited
883Sigma Lithium Corporation
884Blue Star Global, Inc.
885Foran Mining Corporation
886Ares Strategic Mining Inc.
887Beyond Minerals Inc.
888New Destiny Mining Corp.
889Pan Asia Metals Limited
890Dalaroo Metals Ltd
891SI6 Metals Limited
892Peak Rare Earths Limited
893Andromeda Metals Limited
894Starr Peak Mining Ltd.
895Aclara Resources Inc.
896Nouveau Monde Graphite Inc.
897Peruvian Metals Corp.
898Adriatic Metals PLC
899Perenti Limited
900Auris Minerals Limited
901Bitterroot Resources Ltd.
902Rio Silver Inc.
903Australian Vanadium Limited
904Kintavar Exploration Inc.
905Cyclone Metals Limited
906Glencore plc
907Mamba Exploration Limited
908Nio Strategic Metals Inc.
909Javelin Minerals Limited
910Calissio Resources Group, Inc.
911Hudson Resources Inc.
912Focus Graphite Inc.
913Canada Rare Earth Corp.
914BCI Minerals Limited
915Athena Resources Limited
916NGEx Minerals Ltd.
917Aftermath Silver Ltd.
918Nevada Sunrise Metals Corporation
919Australian Mines Limited
920Hunter Creek Mining Co.
921Capital Limited
922HeliosX Lithium & Technologies Corp.
923Jindalee Resources Limited
924American Lithium Corp.
925Macarthur Minerals Limited
926Strategic Minerals Plc
927Australian Mines Limited
928Barksdale Resources Corp.
929Alligator Energy Limited
930Cloudbreak Discovery Plc
931European Metals Holdings Limited
932Vale S.A.
933BGRIMM Technology Co., Ltd.
934Yunnan Tin Company Limited
935Boundary Gold and Copper Mining Ltd.
936Kavango Resources Plc
937Kore Potash plc
938Metals Creek Resources Corp.
939Panoramic Resources Limited
940Neometals Ltd
941Amarc Resources Ltd.
942Stelmine Canada Ltd.
943Pan Global Resources Inc.
944SOPerior Fertilizer Corp.
945Cazaly Resources Limited
946Québec Nickel Corp.
947Altiplano Metals Inc.
948Blaze Minerals Limited
949Golden Lake Exploration Inc.
950Falco Resources Ltd.
951Giyani Metals Corp.
952Osisko Metals Incorporated
953Reedy Lagoon Corporation Limited
954Kingsmen Resources Ltd.
955Advanced Technology & Materials Co., Ltd.
956Canadian Manganese Company Inc.
957One World Lithium Inc.
958Consolidated Uranium Inc.
959SKRR Exploration Inc.
960Fancamp Exploration Ltd.
961China Rare Earth Holdings Limited
962HeliosX Lithium & Technologies Corp.
963International Graphite Limited
964Interra Copper Corp.
965Charger Metals NL
966Cassius Mining Limited
967Cantex Mine Development Corp.
968Puranium Energy Ltd.
969Macmahon Holdings Limited
970Frontier Lithium Inc.
971Hudson Resources Inc.
972New World Resources Limited
973Enterprise Metals Limited
974Liontown Resources Limited
975Alligator Energy Limited
976Arafura Rare Earths Limited
977Lygend Resources & Technology Co., Ltd.
978Talga Group Ltd
979IperionX Limited
980Hangzhou Yitong New Material Co., LTD
981General Copper Gold Corp.
982Forty Pillars Mining Corp.
983South32 Limited
984Red Metal Limited
985Tartisan Nickel Corp.
986Core Lithium Ltd
987Phoenix Copper Limited
988Silver Spruce Resources Inc.
989Canamera Energy Metals Corp.
990TD Holdings, Inc.
991Flying Nickel Mining Corp.
992Northcliff Resources Ltd.
993Dixie Gold Inc.
994Golden Goliath Resources Ltd.
995Magnetite Mines Limited
996General European Strategic Investments Inc.
997Henan Huanghe Whirlwind Co., Ltd.
998Kore Potash plc
999Lithium South Development Corporation
1000York Harbour Metals Inc.
1001Vizsla Silver Corp.
1002Alerio Gold Corp.
1003PT Ifishdeco Tbk
1004Adventus Mining Corporation
1005Globex Mining Enterprises Inc.
1006Nordic Nickel Limited
1007Gratomic Inc.
1008Nexa Resources S.A.
1009Scotch Creek Ventures Inc.
1010Americas Gold and Silver Corporation
1011Aldebaran Resources Inc.
1012Ashapura Minechem Limited
1013Amarc Resources Ltd.
1014Canada Silver Cobalt Works Inc.
1015KWG Resources Inc.
1016Niobay Metals Inc.
1017South Harz Potash Limited
1018Lithium Power International Limited
1019Northcliff Resources Ltd.
1020Rockland Resources Ltd.
1021Century Cobalt Corp.
1022OD6 Metals Limited
1023Crest Resources Inc.
1024Prime Mining Corp.
1025Magnetic Resources NL
1026Stillwater Critical Minerals Corp.
1027Great Boulder Resources Limited
1028Norden Crown Metals Corp.
1029Li-Metal Corp.
1030Medaro Mining Corp.
1031Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd.
1032Wesizwe Platinum Limited
1033Tocvan Ventures Corp.
1034Energy Transition Minerals Ltd
1035Bluestone Resources Inc.
1036Erdene Resource Development Corporation
1037First Uranium Resources Ltd.
1038Canada Carbon Inc.
1039Lucky Minerals Inc.
1040Caprice Resources Limited
1041Heavy Minerals Limited
1042NEO Battery Materials Ltd.
1043Cleghorn Minerals Ltd.
1044HPQ Silicon Inc.
1045Vanadiumcorp Resource Inc.
1046Winsome Resources Limited
1047Corella Resources Ltd
1048Avrupa Minerals Ltd.
1049Australian Strategic Materials Ltd
1050Playfair Mining Ltd.
1051Cruz Battery Metals Corp.
1052Leo Lithium Limited
1053Here to Serve Holding Corp.
1054Pursuit Minerals Limited
1055Critical Resources Limited
1056Asaplus Resources Limited
1057Landore Resources Limited
1058San Lorenzo Gold Corp.
1059Buxton Resources Limited
1060Bushveld Minerals Limited
1061Alma Gold Inc.
1062Bayhorse Silver Inc.
1063Consolidated Uranium Inc.
1064Minsud Resources Corp.
1065Thor Energy Plc
1066Thye Ming Industrial Co., Ltd.
1067Rain City Resources Inc.
1068Benchmark Metals Inc.
1069Geomega Resources Inc.
1070American West Metals Limited
1071Rasa Corporation
1072First Tin Plc
1073Elmore Limited
1074Armada Metals Limited
1075Canada Nickel Company Inc.
1076Wolfden Resources Corporation
1077Cauldron Energy Limited
1078Agrimin Limited
1079Blanton Resources Corp.
1080Forum Energy Metals Corp.
1081Dreadnought Resources Limited
1082Poseidon Nickel Limited
1083New Age Exploration Limited
1084Cullinan Metals Corp.
1085Hannan Metals Ltd.
1086Tertiary Minerals plc
1087Celsius Resources Limited
1088Shandong Humon Smelting Co., Ltd.
1090Defense Metals Corp.
1091Core Lithium Ltd
1092Deterra Royalties Limited
1093Freegold Ventures Limited
1094Reward Minerals Ltd
1095Ubique Minerals Limited
1096Kibush Capital Corporation
1097Commerce Resources Corp.
1098Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd.
1099Sterling Metals Corp.
1100TMC the metals company Inc.
1101NorthWest Copper Corp.
1102St. Augustine Gold and Copper Limited
1103Li-Metal Corp.
1104Starcore International Mines Ltd.
1105Canstar Resources Inc.
1106Piedmont Lithium Inc.
1107Mkango Resources Ltd.
1108Garibaldi Resources Corp.
1109Ares Strategic Mining Inc.
1110Goldquest Mining Corp.
1111Bolt Metals Corp.
1112Altiplano Metals Inc.
1113American Rare Earths Limited
1114Mundoro Capital Inc.
1115Solstice Minerals Limited
1116South32 Limited
1117Marquee Resources Limited
1118EMX Royalty Corporation
1119Focus Graphite Inc.
1120Australian Strategic Materials Ltd
1121Canadian Premium Sand Inc.
1122Mineral Resources Limited
1123Avarone Metals Inc.
1124Lifezone Metals Limited
1125VHM Limited
1126Rockridge Resources Ltd.
1127Wealth Minerals Ltd.
1128Ameriwest Lithium Inc.
1129Sienna Resources Inc.
1130Playfair Mining Ltd.
1131Sky Gold Corp.
1132Kendrick Resources PLC
1133Eco Oro Minerals Corp.
1134Canada Rare Earth Corp.
1135Argonaut Resources NL
1136The O.T. Mining Corporation
1137Mkango Resources Ltd.
1138Sphere Resources Inc.
1139Nevada Sunrise Gold Corporation
1140Albion Resources Limited
1141Skeena Resources Limited
1142Alphamin Resources Corp.
1143Norra Metals Corp.
1144CZR Resources Ltd
1145Lake Resources NL
1146China Molybdenum Co., Ltd.
1147BeMetals Corp.
1148Pantera Minerals Limited
1149Great Quest Fertilizer Ltd.
1150Sylla Gold Corp.
1151Jindalee Resources Limited
1152Greenstone Resources Limited
1153Queensland Pacific Metals Limited
1154Bear Creek Mining Corporation
1155Mayur Resources Ltd
1156Stratabound Minerals Corp.
1157Sierra Metals Inc.
1158Armadale Capital Plc
1159Impex Ferro Tech Limited
1160Global Helium Corp.
1161Wealth Minerals Ltd.
1162Chesterfield Resources plc
1163Surge Copper Corp.
1164European Metals Holdings Limited
1165Namibia Critical Metals Inc.
1166South Atlantic Gold Inc.
1167Korab Resources Limited
1168Firma Holdings Corp.
1169Kenmare Resources plc
1170Electric Royalties Ltd.
1171Transition Metals Corp.
1172Grupo México, S.A.B. de C.V.
1173Adriatic Metals PLC
1174Surge Battery Metals Inc.
1175MGC Ventures, Inc.
1176Rockridge Resources Ltd.
1177GR Silver Mining Ltd.
1178Bellavista Resources Limited
1179Graphex Group Limited
1180Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd.
1181Gensource Potash Corporation
1182Sherritt International Corporation
1183Mincor Resources NL
1184Bluestone Resources Inc.
1185Xtierra Inc.
1186Cypress Development Corp.
1187Osisko Metals Incorporated
1188Goldquest Mining Corp.
1189Caprock Mining Corp.
1190Nicola Mining Inc.
1191BHP Group Limited
1192CMOC Group Limited
1193Running Fox Resource Corp.
1194RecycLiCo Battery Materials Inc.
1195Eclipse Metals Limited
1196Rock Tech Lithium Inc.
1197Almonty Industries Inc.
1198Red Metal Resources Ltd.
1199Lithium Americas Corp.
1200Western Copper and Gold Corporation
1201Native Mineral Resources Holdings Limited
1202Mason Graphite Inc.
1203Legend Mining Limited
1204Affinity Metals Corp.
1205Carbine Resources Limited
1206Sun Summit Minerals Corp.
1207Silver Bull Resources, Inc.
1208Ardea Resources Limited
1209Magna Mining Inc.
1210Orbit Garant Drilling Inc.
1211Innuovo Technology Co., Ltd.
1212Temas Resources Corp.
1213Atco Mining Inc.
1214Lincoln Minerals Limited
1215Prospect Ridge Resources Corp.
1216South-East Queensland Exploration Limited
1217Azimut Exploration Inc.
1218Aeris Resources Limited
1219Bradda Head Lithium Limited
1220Stans Energy Corp.
1221Mithril Resources Limited
1222Errawarra Resources Ltd
1223Happy Creek Minerals Ltd.
1224Orford Mining Corporation
1225PT TIMAH Tbk
1226Optimum Ventures Ltd.
1227Lynas Rare Earths Limited
1228Spruce Ridge Resources Ltd.
1229Minbos Resources Limited
1230Resolution Minerals Limited
1231Ultra Lithium Inc.
1232Alphamin Resources Corp.
1233Vulcan Energy Resources Limited
1234NGX Ltd
1235Tuktu Resources Ltd.
1236Argentina Lithium & Energy Corp.
1237Arizona Lithium Limited
1238Boab Metals Limited
1239Nova Lithium Corp.
1240Decade Resources Ltd.
1241Searchlight Resources Inc.
1242Walkabout Resources Limited
1243Grupo México, S.A.B. de C.V.
1244International Battery Metals Ltd.
1245LithiumBank Resources Corp.
1246CanAlaska Uranium Ltd.
1247China Kings Resources Group Co.,Ltd.
1248Silver Valley Metals Corp.
1249Griffin Mining Limited
1250Rugby Resources Ltd.
1251PT Merdeka Copper Gold Tbk
1252Euromax Resources Ltd.
1253Arian Resources Corp.
1254Orion Minerals Limited
1255First American Uranium Inc.
1256AuKing Mining Limited
1257Olympio Metals Limited
1258Quartz Mountain Resources Ltd.
1259Li3 Lithium Corp.
1260Arc Minerals Limited
1261Entrée Resources Ltd.
1262Keras Resources Plc
1263Tower Resources Ltd.
1264Rex Minerals Limited
1265Anson Resources Limited
1266Omnia Metals Group Ltd
1267Stuhini Exploration Ltd.
1268Garibaldi Resources Corp.
1269Galena Mining Limited
1270Legacy Minerals Holdings Limited
1271Dominion Minerals Limited
1272Shenzhen Zhongjin Lingnan Nonfemet Co. Ltd.
1273BHP Group Limited
1274Global Battery Metals Ltd.
1275Nevada Lithium Resources Inc.
1276AusQuest Limited
1277Great Western Exploration Limited
1278Jaxon Mining Inc.
1279Battery Age Minerals Ltd
1280Ucore Rare Metals Inc.
1281Rio Tinto Group
1282Glen Eagle Resources Inc.
1283China Nonferrous Metal Industry's Foreign Engineering and Construction Co.,Ltd.
1284Bold Ventures Inc.
1285Salazar Resources Limited
1286Lithium Australia Limited
1287Anglo American plc
1288DNI Metals Inc.
1289FE Battery Metals Corp.
1290NEO Battery Materials Ltd.
1291NorthIsle Copper and Gold Inc.
1292Gama Explorations Inc.
1293Boss Energy Limited
1294Sayona Mining Limited
1295KGL Resources Limited
1296Centrex Limited
1297Argentina Lithium & Energy Corp.
1298Standard Lithium Ltd.
1299eMetals Limited
1300Artemis Resources Limited
1301Podium Minerals Limited
1302Scandium International Mining Corp.
1303CAT Strategic Metals Corporation
1304Lithium Ionic Corp.
1305Sun Summit Minerals Corp.
1306Lucky Minerals Inc.
1307Asia Broadband, Inc.
1308Altius Minerals Corporation
1309Multi-Metal Development Ltd.
1310Mineral Resources Limited
1311Alice Queen Limited
1312Vizsla Silver Corp.
1313Global Battery Metals Ltd.
1314Laramide Resources Ltd.
1315Chatham Rock Phosphate Limited
1316Cantex Mine Development Corp.
1317Western Metal Materials Co., Ltd.
1318Fury Gold Mines Limited
1319Hexagon Energy Materials Limited
1320Adventus Mining Corporation
1321China Northern Rare Earth (Group) High-Tech Co.,Ltd
1322Golden Goliath Resources Ltd.
1323Select Sands Corp.
1324Doubleview Gold Corp.
1325Chalice Mining Limited
1326Rumble Resources Limited
1327Rumble Resources Limited
1328Jinduicheng Molybdenum Co., Ltd.
1329Asiamet Resources Limited
1330NICO Resources Limited
1331OSAKA Titanium technologies Co.,Ltd.
1332King River Resources Limited
1333Black Iron Inc.
1334Fancamp Exploration Ltd.
1335Kuniko Limited
1336Megado Minerals Limited
1337Nuinsco Resources Limited
1338RTG Mining Inc.
1339Yunnan Luoping Zinc&Electricity Co., Ltd.
1340Progressive Planet Solutions Inc.
1341Consolidated Zinc Limited
1342Golden Deeps Limited
1343PolyMet Mining Corp.
1344Pivotal Metals Limited
1345JZR Gold Inc.
1346Lynas Rare Earths Limited
1347Highbank Resources Ltd.
1348Vision Lithium Inc.
1349Tasman Resources Ltd
1350Kenmare Resources plc
1351Nevada Lithium Resources Inc.
1352American West Metals Limited
1353Sulliden Mining Capital Inc.
1354Peak Rare Earths Limited
1355Sunshine Gold Limited
1356Hindustan Zinc Limited
1357Graphano Energy Ltd.
1358Bourque Industries, Inc.
1359Tennant Minerals Limited
1360Ascot Resources Ltd.
1361Tana Resources Corp.
1362Alaska Pacific Energy Corp.
1363AURYN Mining Corporation
1364Arkle Resources PLC
1365Sassy Gold Corp.
1366Green Battery Minerals Inc.
1367Latrobe Magnesium Limited
1368Scotch Creek Ventures Inc.
1369MetalNRG plc
1370Metal Tiger plc
1371VR Resources Ltd.
1372Pathfinder Minerals plc
1373Rambler Metals and Mining Plc
1374Bluebird Merchant Ventures Limited
1375Golden Lake Exploration Inc.
1376Aldoro Resources Limited
1377Anglo American plc
1378Timeless Software Limited
1379Spearmint Resources Inc.
1380European Metals Holdings Limited
1381Beyond Minerals Inc.
1382Rare Earth Magnesium Technology Group Holdings Limited
1383QMC Quantum Minerals Corp
1384Lepidico Limited
1385EcoGraf Limited
1386Targa Exploration Corp.
1387Pure Energy Minerals Limited
1388Suvo Strategic Minerals Limited
1389Poseidon Nickel Limited
1390Ascot Resources Ltd.
1391QX Resources Limited
1392NICO Resources Limited
1393Trilogy Metals Inc.
1394Fort St. James Nickel Corp.
1395Talga Group Ltd
1396MP Materials Corp.
1397Future Battery Minerals Limited
1398Altius Minerals Corporation
1399Jervois Global Limited
1400IperionX Limited
1401Troilus Gold Corp.
1402Vanadium Resources Limited
1403Meridian Mining UK Societas
1404Kurotani Corporation
1405Korea Zinc Company, Ltd.
1406BoxScore Brands, Inc.
1407Stratabound Minerals Corp.
1408Copperstone Resources AB
1409Filo Mining Corp.
1410Fathom Nickel Inc.
1411Lode-Star Mining Inc.
1412NioCorp Developments Ltd.
1413Meridian Mining UK Societas
1414Koza Anadolu Metal Madencilik Isletmeleri A.S.
1415Parkway Corporate Limited
1416Renegade Exploration Limited
1417Frontier Lithium Inc.
1418CWT International Limited
1419Ferroglobe PLC
1420THEMAC Resources Group Limited
1421Blencowe Resources Plc
1422Imperial Mining Group Ltd.
1423Silver Spruce Resources Inc.
1424Gentor Resources Inc.
1425Gensource Potash Corporation
142679 Resources Ltd.
1427Arizona Lithium Limited
1428American Future Fuel Corporation
1429Titan Mining Corporation
1430Corcel Plc
1431ACME Lithium Inc.
1432Aterian plc
1433Great Atlantic Resources Corp.
1434American Lithium Corp.
1435Lion Copper and Gold Corp.
1436U3O8 Corp.
1437Equus Mining Limited
1438Clara Resources Australia Ltd
1439MetalsGrove Mining Limited
1440Sichuan Anning Iron and Titanium Co.,Ltd.
1441Triton Minerals Limited
1442Lachlan Star Limited
1443Canada Silver Cobalt Works Inc.
1444ioneer Ltd
1445Lithium Power International Limited
1446Mineral Commodities Ltd
1447Horizonte Minerals Plc
1448BMG Resources Limited
1449Iluka Resources Limited
1450African Rainbow Minerals Limited
1451Kodal Minerals Plc
1452SRG Mining Inc.
1453Critical Metals Plc
1454Qinghai Jinrui Mineral Development Co., Ltd
1455Interra Copper Corp.
1456Midland Exploration Inc.
1457Tinka Resources Limited
1458Palladium One Mining Inc.
1459Adriatic Metals PLC
1460Hunan Gold Corporation Limited
1461Almonty Industries Inc.
1462West High Yield (W.H.Y.) Resources Ltd.
1463Volt Carbon Technologies Inc.
1464American Rare Earths Limited
1465Nordic Iron Ore AB (publ)
1466Excellon Resources Inc.
1467Metal Energy Corp.
1468PT Central Omega Resources Tbk
1469Kenorland Minerals Ltd.
1470Jupiter Mines Limited
1471Valterra Resource Corporation
1472ArcPacific Resources Corp.
1473Atlas Salt Inc.
1474Cabo Drilling Corp.
1475MegaWatt Lithium and Battery Metals Corp.
1476Alliance Nickel Limited
1477Harfang Exploration Inc.
1478Leading Edge Materials Corp.
1479Geodrill Limited
1480Filo Mining Corp.
1481Gratomic Inc.
1482Zinnwald Lithium Plc
1483African Pioneer PLC
1484Sama Resources Inc.
1485African Gold Limited
1486Eminent Gold Corp.
1487Anhui Truchum Advanced Materials and Technology Co., Ltd.
1488Pampa Metals Corporation
1489Centor Energy, Inc.
1490Gold Digger Resources Inc.
1491Metals X Limited
1492Fortescue Metals Group Limited
1493Canstar Resources Inc.
1494Wolverine Technologies Corp.
1495Syrah Resources Limited
1496Northern Lights Resources Corp.
1497Sovereign Metals Limited
1498Newport Exploration Ltd.
1499Major Drilling Group International Inc.
1500EQ Resources Limited
1501Group Eleven Resources Corp.
1502Sigma Lithium Corporation
1503Western Yilgarn NL
1504Elcora Advanced Materials Corp.
1505Perenti Limited
1506Arizona Metals Corp.
1507Abacus Mining & Exploration Corporation
1508Avalon Advanced Materials Inc.
1509Metallica Minerals Limited
1510Volt Resources Limited
1511Aurelia Metals Limited
1512Duketon Mining Limited
1513Edison Lithium Corp.
1514Arafura Rare Earths Limited
1515Traction Uranium Corp.
1516Giyani Metals Corp.
1517Nevada King Gold Corp.
1518PT Kapuas Prima Coal Tbk
1519Bonanza Goldfields Corp.
1520Galan Lithium Limited
1521Desert Gold Ventures Inc.
1522Westwater Resources, Inc.
1523Smooth Rock Ventures Corp.
1524Rio Tinto Group
1525Nickel Industries Limited
1526Oakajee Corporation Limited
1527Midnight Sun Mining Corp.
1528Tantalex Lithium Resources Corp.
1529Benz Mining Corp.
1530Pacific Empire Minerals Corp.
1531International Prospect Ventures Ltd.
1532IperionX Limited
1533Archer Exploration Corp.
1534Wallbridge Mining Company Limited
1535Ardea Resources Limited
1536Ultra Lithium Inc.
1537Brockman Mining Limited
1538Traction Uranium Corp.
1539Atlantic Lithium Limited
154020 Microns Limited
1541Strata Investment Holdings Plc
1542Cornish Metals Inc.
1543Supernova Metals Corp.
1544Chatham Rock Phosphate Limited
1545Dixie Gold Inc.
1546Alpha HPA Limited
1547Canadian Palladium Resources Inc.
1548Sunrise Resources plc
1549Silver X Mining Corp.
1550Copper Road Resources Inc.
1551Niobay Metals Inc.
1552Surge Copper Corp.
1553Meryllion Resources Corp.
1554Sheffield Resources Limited
1555Sienna Resources Inc.
1556Silver Bull Resources, Inc.
1557Wanguo International Mining Group Limited
1558Starcore International Mines Ltd.
1559Audalia Resources Limited
1560Dome Gold Mines Ltd
1561Pure Resources Limited
1562Golden Arrow Resources Corporation
1563Syrah Resources Limited
1564Trek Metals Limited
1565Forsys Metals Corp.
1566Cauldron Energy Limited
1567Cerro Grande Mining Corporation
1568Emu NL
1569Voyager Metals Inc.
1570Pacific Empire Minerals Corp.
1571Greentech Technology International Limited
1572Northern Minerals Limited
1573District Metals Corp.
1574Global Helium Corp.
1575Rio Tinto Group
1576Skeena Resources Limited
1577Base Resources Limited
1578Leo Lithium Limited
1579Panoro Minerals Ltd.
1580Catalina Resources Ltd
1581Terra Balcanica Resources Corp.
1582Sparton Resources Inc.
1583ioneer Ltd
1584Legacy Iron Ore Limited
1585Power Group Projects Corp.
1586Strategic Energy Resources Limited
1587OAR Resources Limited
1588Benton Resources Inc.
1589PhosCo Ltd
1590Prospect Resources Limited
1591Arbor Metals Corp.
1592Stria Lithium Inc.
1593Hastings Technology Metals Limited
1594Mkango Resources Ltd.
1595Image Resources NL
1596Northern Shield Resources Inc.
1597Seahawk Gold Corp.
1598Tibet Huayu Mining Co., Ltd.
1599Pacific Booker Minerals Inc.
1600Tactical Resources Corp.
1601Cohiba Minerals Limited
1602Diatreme Resources Limited
1603Colibri Resource Corporation
1604Element 25 Limited
1605Portex Minerals Inc.
1606Bezant Resources Plc
1607Torq Resources Inc.
1608CITIC Resources Holdings Limited
1609Altair Resources Inc.
1610Nobel Resources Corp.
1611Mercator Minerals Ltd.
1612Erdene Resource Development Corporation
1613Battery Minerals Limited
1614Critical Minerals Group Limited
1615Australian Rare Earths Limited
1616Scandium International Mining Corp.
1617CBLT Inc.
1618MetalsTech Limited
1619NioCorp Developments Ltd.
1620Huntsman Exploration Inc.
1621Rock Tech Lithium Inc.
1622Foran Mining Corporation
1623Infinito Gold Ltd.
1624Azure Minerals Limited
1625Lithium Chile Inc.
1626Austin Metals Limited
1627Red Hill Iron Limited
1628Carnavale Resources Limited
1629Paterson Resources Ltd
1630Auteco Minerals Limited
1631Arrow Minerals Limited
1632Bolt Metals Corp.
1633GreenRoc Mining plc
1634K9 Gold Corp.
1635Lara Exploration Ltd.
1636Mount Burgess Mining N.L.
1637Anax Metals Limited
1638E79 Resources Corp.
1639Cohiba Minerals Limited
1640Ascendant Resources Inc.
1641Argonaut Resources NL
1642Magontec Limited
1643Eagle Mountain Mining Limited
1644Graphex Group Limited
1645Lotus Resources Limited
1646Genmin Limited
1647Ivanhoe Mines Ltd.
1648Deep-South Resources Inc.
1649Northern Shield Resources Inc.
1650Compliance Energy Corporation
1651Pan Global Resources Inc.
1652Global Li-Ion Graphite Corp.
1653Canada Nickel Company Inc.
1654White Rock Minerals Ltd
1655Rockridge Resources Ltd.
1656Desert Metals Limited
1657Polaris International Holdings Inc.
1658Accent Resources NL
1659Silverstock Metals Inc.
1660Cordoba Minerals Corp.
1661Yunnan Chihong Zinc & Germanium Co., Ltd.
1662Thor Mining PLC
1663Prudent Minerals Corp.
1664Variscan Mines Limited
1665Graphite One Inc.
1666Zinc of Ireland NL
1667China Rare Earth Holdings Limited
1668Nickel Rock Resources Inc.
1669Canada Carbon Inc.
1670Orford Mining Corporation
1671Allied Copper Corp.
1672DevEx Resources Limited
1673GoldHaven Resources Corp.
1674Bullion Gold Resources Corp.
1675Grange Resources Limited
1676Mitsubishi Materials Corporation
1677Western Resources Corp.
1678Hanstone Gold Corp.
1679Balkan Mining and Minerals Limited
1680Foraco International SA
1681Rockex Mining Corporation
1682Shengda Resources Co.,Ltd.
1683Vast Resources plc
1684Pacific Metals Co., Ltd.
1685GPM Metals Inc.
1686Dowa Holdings Co., Ltd.
1687Boadicea Resources Ltd
1688Miza II Resources Inc.
1689Titanium Sands Limited
1690Black Rock Mining Limited
1691Baoji Titanium Industry Co., Ltd.
1692Sierra Metals Inc.
1693Euro Manganese Inc.
1694Sparton Resources Inc.
1695ActivEX Limited
1696Azimut Exploration Inc.
1697African Energy Metals Inc.
1698New Century Resources Limited
1699Pampa Metals Corporation
1700Artemis Resources Limited
1701Fenix Resources Limited
1702PT Vale Indonesia Tbk
1703Rokmaster Resources Corp.
1704Lithium South Development Corporation
1705Australian Potash Limited
1706International Battery Metals Ltd.
1707Metro Mining Limited
1708Medallion Resources Ltd.
1709Argosy Minerals Limited
1710Henan Yuguang Gold&Lead Co.,Ltd.
1711Toro Energy Limited
1712E79 Resources Corp.
1713Metal Energy Corp.
1714Golden Tag Resources Ltd.
1715Anglo American plc
1716EcoGraf Limited
1717Hastings Technology Metals Limited
1718Seahawk Gold Corp.
1719Patagonia Lithium Limited
1720Generation Mining Limited
1721Fortune Minerals Limited
1722Thunder Gold Corp.
1723OM Holdings Limited
1724Quantum Battery Metals Corp.
1725Canadian Metals Inc.
1726Surefire Resources NL
1727Arianne Phosphate Inc.
1728Fortescue Metals Group Limited
1729Freeport Resources Inc.
1730Euro Manganese Inc.
1731Aeon Metals Limited
1732HPQ Silicon Inc.
1733Labrador Iron Mines Holdings Limited
1734Saudi Arabian Mining Company (Ma'aden)
1735Euromax Resources Ltd.
1736United States Antimony Corporation
1737Lightning Minerals Ltd
1738Canadian North Resources Inc.
1739Carlyle Commodities Corp.
1740Power Nickel Inc.
1741R3D Resources Limited
1742KWG Resources Inc.
1743SKRR Exploration Inc.
1744Tirupati Graphite plc
1745Voyageur Mineral Explorers Corp.
1746Black Iron Inc.
1747Zinnwald Lithium Plc
1748Trident Royalties Plc
1749EnGold Mines Ltd.
1750Benchmark Metals Inc.
1751Venture Minerals Limited
1752Tinka Resources Limited
1753LithiumBank Resources Corp.
1754Lithium Chile Inc.
1755Euro Manganese Inc.
1756Falco Resources Ltd.
1757Azarga Metals Corp.
1758A-Cap Energy Limited
1759Kraken Energy Corp.
1760Rogue Resources Inc.
1761West Oak Gold Corp.
1763Fuse Cobalt Inc.
1764South Star Battery Metals Corp.
1765Go Metals Corp.
1766Hi-View Resources Inc
1767Teck Resources Limited
1768Neometals Ltd
1769Neometals Ltd
1770Canxgold Mining Corp.
1771Glencore plc
1772Nortec Minerals Corp.
1773PT Vale Indonesia Tbk
1774Kaizen Discovery Inc.
1775Cobalt Blue Holdings Limited
1776Buscando Resources Corp
1777Jervois Global Limited
1778IMC Exploration Group Public Limited Company
1779Fidelity Minerals Corp.
1780United Lithium Corp.
1781Anglo American plc
1782African Rainbow Minerals Limited
1783Prosper Gold Corp.
1784Dynamic Metals Limited
1785IGO Limited
1786Hannans Limited
1787Hi Ho Silver Resources Inc.
1788Fox Marble Holdings PLC
1789Nobel Resources Corp.
1790Fox River Resources Corporation
1791Champion Bear Resources Ltd.
1792Pacific Booker Minerals Inc.
1793Manganese X Energy Corp.
1794WA Kaolin Limited
1795Impact Minerals Limited
1796EV Nickel Inc.
1797Centaurus Metals Limited
1798Corazon Mining Limited
1799ACDC Metals Limited
1800Allup Silica Limited
1801Regulus Resources Inc.
1802Ceylon Graphite Corp.
1803Great Basin Energies, Inc.
1804Nickel Industries Limited
1805Evolution Energy Minerals Limited
1806District Copper Corp.
1807Cullen Resources Limited
1808Trilogy Metals Inc.
1809Oceana Lithium Limited
1810CaNickel Mining Limited
1811Midnight Sun Mining Corp.
1812Nova Royalty Corp.
1813VR Resources Ltd.
1814Centurion Minerals Ltd.
1815Canasil Resources Inc.
1816China Tungsten And Hightech Materals Co.,Ltd
1817Tearlach Resources Limited
1818Savannah Resources Plc
1819Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd.
1820Zeta Resources Limited
1821Jubilee Metals Group PLC
1822Macarthur Minerals Limited
1823Afarak Group Oyj
1824Orbit Garant Drilling Inc.
1825NovX21 Inc.
1826Inca Minerals Limited
1827Bravada Gold Corporation
1828Vital Metals Limited
1829Andromeda Metals Limited
1830Bravada Gold Corporation
1831Lithium Energi Exploration Inc.
1832Jangada Mines Plc
1833Sovereign Metals Limited
1834Rathdowney Resources Ltd.
1835Canadian Metals Inc.
1836Terramin Australia Limited
1837Pensana Plc
1838AgriMinco Corp.
1839RareX Limited
1840Universal Potash Corp.
1841Baroyeca Gold & Silver Inc.
1842American Potash Corp.
1843Sitio Royalties Corp.
1844Liberty Star Uranium & Metals Corp.
1845Oroco Resource Corp.
1846Talon Metals Corp.
1847Gossan Resources Limited
1848PYX Resources Limited
1849Jinzhou Jixiang Molybdenum Co., Ltd.
1850Golden Cariboo Resources Ltd.
1851European Metals Holdings Limited
1852Great Lakes Graphite Inc.
1853P.B. Group Limited
1854Piedmont Lithium Inc.
1855Search Minerals Inc.
1856ArcWest Exploration Inc.
1857PT Petrosea Tbk
1858Straightup Resources Inc.
1859Applied Minerals, Inc.
1860Largo Inc.
1861Crest Resources Inc.
1862Vulcan Minerals Inc.
1863Rajnandini Metal Limited
1864Paycore Minerals Inc.
1865Beowulf Mining plc
1866Ragnar Metals Limited
1867Galileo Resources Plc
1868Blackstone Minerals Limited
1869Sandfire Resources America Inc.
1870Deep-South Resources Inc.
1871Tasman Resources Ltd
1872Accelerate Resources Limited
1873Ardiden Limited
1874Inner Mongolia Dazhong Mining Co., Ltd.
1875Abacus Mining & Exploration Corporation
1876Rio Tinto Group
1877Oroco Resource Corp.
1878Firering Strategic Minerals Plc
1879MinRex Resources Limited
1880Greenland Minerals Limited
1881Noram Lithium Corp.
1882Core Assets Corp.
1883Tibet Summit Resources Co.,Ltd.
1884NextSource Materials Inc.
1885GTI Energy Ltd
1886Inner Mongolia Xingye Mining Co., Ltd.
1887JCHX Mining Management Co.,Ltd.
1888Botnia Exploration Holding AB (publ)
1889Wineco Productions, Inc.
1890Nickel North Exploration Corp.
1891GTI Energy Ltd
1892ArcPacific Resources Corp.
1893Tisdale Clean Energy Corp.
1894Tungsten Mining NL
1895Diamond Discoveries International Corp.
1896Graphano Energy Ltd.
1897Monitor Ventures Inc.
1898High-Tech Metals Limited
1899Aton Resources Inc.
1900CVW CleanTech Inc.
1901Arianne Phosphate Inc.
1902World Class Extractions Inc.
1903Critical Elements Lithium Corporation
1904Argent Minerals Limited
1905Blackstone Minerals Limited
1906Major Drilling Group International Inc.
1907Electra Battery Materials Corporation
1908Pilbara Minerals Limited
1909Panoramic Resources Limited
1910C3 Metals Inc.
1911Ekwan X Inc.
1912Juggernaut Exploration Ltd.
1913Sterling Metals Corp.
1914QMC Quantum Minerals Corp
1915Nubian Resources Ltd.
1916Kutcho Copper Corp.
1917Slave Lake Zinc Corp.
1918Tamino Minerals, Inc.
1919NorthIsle Copper and Gold Inc.
1920Atlantic Lithium Limited
1921Canadian Palladium Resources Inc.
1922Tahera Diamond Corporation
1923Blue Note Mining Inc.
1924Anglo American plc
1925Industrial Minerals Ltd
1926CBLT Inc.
1927Highland Surprise Consolidated Mining Co.
1928GoldHaven Resources Corp.
1929Compass Minerals International, Inc.
1930Sumo Resources Plc
1931Athabasca Minerals Inc.
1932OM Holdings Limited
1933PT Vale Indonesia Tbk
1934Peruvian Metals Corp.
1935Atlantic Lithium Limited
1936Rare Element Resources Ltd.
1937Latin Metals Inc.
1938Voltage Metals Corp.
1939PT Cita Mineral Investindo Tbk
1940PT Aneka Tambang Tbk
1941PureBase Corporation
1942CDN Maverick Capital Corp.
1943Sinomine Resource Group Co., Ltd.
1944Teck Resources Limited
1945Casa Minerals Inc.
1946Adex Mining Inc.
1947Nova Minerals Limited
1948TNR Gold Corp.
1949Orex Minerals Inc.
1950Atico Mining Corporation
1951Kingsland Minerals Limited
1952Montero Mining and Exploration Ltd.
1953Minera Frisco, S.A.B. de C.V.
1954Zinccorp Resources Inc.
1955Riedel Resources Limited
1956Canadian Manganese Company Inc.
1957Western Copper and Gold Corporation
1958Sayona Mining Limited
1959Infinity Lithium Corporation Limited
1960New Klondike Exploration Ltd.
1961Allkem Limited
1962PT Aneka Tambang Tbk
1963Electra Battery Materials Corporation
1964Baiyin Nonferrous Group Co., Ltd.
1965Cosa Resources Corp.
1966Banks Island Gold Ltd.
1967Pengram Corporation
1968Firestone Ventures Inc.
1969Rex Resources Corp.
1970Sarytogan Graphite Limited
1971Medinah Minerals, Inc.
1972Dana Resources
1973Stelar Metals Limited
1974Nevada Zinc Corporation